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Will dating change after Covid-19?

Girl, bring the wine…How will we feel about dating once the quarantine is lifted? Will we be as trusting as we have been in the past?

There is the clever retort from the male counterpart “I’m incredibly healthy, I take excellent care of myself. My immune system is very good, I’m not worried. Besides I refuse to live my life in fear.”

Ladies, I wonder how you feel about this retort?

My first thought is how can anyone be so sure about their immune system when so many people are asymptomatic about not only Covid-19 but HIV, STD’s, HPV (is my favorite because 99% of humans have it and don’t know it**slight exaggeration) and sometimes even the basic flu and cold virus.

Now, I appreciate a man that is exacting about his health and gets tested for STD’s/HIV/AIDS at least every 6mths and thank goodness for latex condoms(never have sex without them) but there is no protection for kissing. Would you be willing to give up kissing as part of sex? Love-making? Conjugal relations? Kanoodling?

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