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Give your hair growth treatment a boost! This combo includes our 2 best friends to the Kerotin Hair Growth Formula: 

Argan oil: prevents split ends and breakage, helping sustain hair growth (no more trimming all your new growth when going to the hairdresser). You can apply it to the tips of your hair every day (on damp or dry hair) or use it as a deep conditioner - apply throughout your entire head of hair, leave for at least 30 minutes and shampoo

Scalp massager: improves circulation, reduces stress, and stimulates growth. Kerotin Scalp Massager is infused with tourmaline that seals the natural moisture of the hair, boosts the immune system, and promotes detoxification. Perform massage during shower while shampooing or while applying the argan oil

Hair Growth Booster

SKU: 347b2191