100pcs Makeup Brush Elastic Mesh Sleeve Guard Protector. This is a great set of cosmetic brush mesh sleeves to keep your brushes in perfect condition while they dry after washing or keeping the bristles from becoming unruly after use.  They will fit most make-up brushes such as mushroom brush, blusher brush, etc. but will not keep smaller ones like eyeliner brushes.

- Material: Nylon.
- Size: 4.7x4.7x0.08 inch (L*W*H).
- Suitable for item of diamter between 6mm-360mm.
- Good tenacity and elasticity, non-toxic and orderless.
- Perfect for storing brushes with the vulnerable bristles protected, keep your brushes clean and in perfect shape.
- Eco-friendly and reusable, easy to store and clean.


100pcs Makeup Brush Elastic Mesh Sleeve Guard Protector

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